Soldier Wants His Dog Back

A soldier had to say goodbye to his beloved dog after getting deployed overseas, but it turns out it was more of a goodbye than he thought. After he left, Robert Gabbert found out his […]


Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson’s 1980s Tour Bus Is for Sale

Got a spare 50 grand? You could own Willie Nelson’s tricked-out 1980s tour bus as soon as this weekend. But you’d better act fast!



Craigslist Lost and Found With a Twist

When Rabbi Noah Muroff bought a desk off Craigslist he didn’t realize he’d get more than just the desk. After getting his new purchase home, he realized it wouldn’t fit through the door of his […]


Photo by John Moore/Getty Images

Soldier Returns From Afghanistan To Find His Dog Was Sold On Craigslist

Here’s the heartbreaking story of a soldier’s desperate search for his four-legged best friend.


Photo Courtesy of Getty Images

Things You Shouldn’t Buy Used

If you are thinking about buying something used listen to Steve tell you what not to buy used.  


(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Women Searches Craiglist For Guy Who Impregnated Her At Concert

Now days you can see everything when you go to concerts, you see drinking, dancing, flashing body parts, but I must say I have never seen anything like this. A women in Chicago had sex […]



Casket Buying At Cosco

Today Cledus mentioned seeing caskets at Cosco, guess what we even got some calls about Cosco caskets.


Congressman Resigns

New York Representative, Chris Lee, resigned from his job because of an ad he put on Craigslist looking for women.  Too bad he is married. 



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