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Rules For Dating My Daughter

Steve saw a t-shirt with rules for dating a father’s daughter. Take a listen to Steve tell you what the rules are and how relevant they are.  


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Great Cheap Ideas For Dad On Mother’s Day

Dads, are you low on dough and want to make it the best Mother’s Day ever for the mother of your children? Barbara Ann has ideas on the best present a dad of young kids can give his lady.



Playboy Gets Lindsay

Lindsay Lohan wanted $1,000,000 for posing for Playboy, but settled for $750,000. 


Top 10 Best Tech Gifts For The Geeky Dad

Does your dad have more followers on Twitter than you? Does he need to get every cool tech gadget when it comes out–even if he doesn’t need it? Boys might pretend to grow up, but […]


Chris Young Hears "Voices," Do You?

I love [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Chis Young[/lastfm]‘s new song “Voices“…about ‘hearing all the voices‘ of Mom, Dad, Grandpa, with all the great advice they give to him! I hear those ‘voices‘ all the time too, and I […]


Miley’s Mad Again

[lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Miley Cyrus[/lastfm] is mad at her dad, Billy Ray, again. 


Life According To Judd “Birthday Card”

Today Cledus read a very emotional story about buying his dad a birthday card. Take a listen.


Kellie Pickler On Electrical Work

“My grandfather is an electrician, and you know, my dad was an electrician, and he, I mean, they built houses from the ground up. So I knew a lot about it, especially electrical work. It […]



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