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David Nail Takes Us Back To DQ On Day Jobs (Watch)

Watch as country singer Davis nail takes us back to his job at Dairy Queen in his Missouri hometown.


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David Nail New Single “Secret” Acoustic [Video]

David Nail has released an acoustic version of his song ‘the Secret,’ along with a video. The song is from Nail’s recent album, ‘I’m A Fire.’


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David Nail Backstage “Im A Fire” Preview (Video)

Check out the latest preview installment of David Nail’s promotional video “I’m A Fire”


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David Nail’s Song “Kiss You Tonight” Was Written By An American Idol

Barbara Ann brings you the surprising story about which Idol co-penned the latest song by David Nail. Plus, watch Nail’s new Lyric video for the song, “Kiss You Tonight”.


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David Nail’s Personal Struggle

Country singer Davis Nail looks and sounds well now and is doing pretty good. But the singer recently admitted that this wasn’t always the case. With his new album “I’m A Fire” in stores now, […]


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LAUNCH: David Nail Talks About Exploring New Territory on New Album ‘I’m a Fire’

For his third studio album, the “Whatever She’s Got” singer told Radio.com that he “really wanted to try some new things. Not intentionally go in a different direction, but explore some new territory.”


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David Nail Recalls Hearing His Song on the Radio for the First Time

The song, Nail recalled, was “Memphis,” and he was driving through that very city at the time. “I had three or four family members that live in the Memphis area call me immediately.”


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Darius Rucker Saves David Nail

David Nail is thanking Darius Rucker today because of what happened on a snowy road recently. David Nail’s bus ran into some trouble and ended up off the road, but thankfully Darius Rucker’s bus was […]


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Darius Rucker’s ‘Miss You’ Hits Radio Airwaves

“If anybody’s been in a relationship for a long time they’ve all been through ‘Miss You.’ It’s a song about being in love and everything going great but being too busy to show love.”


David Nail

David Nail Enlists Little Big Town, Lee Ann Womack for New (and Different) Album

Known for his emotional piano ballads, Nail’s new album is less piano-based and more guitar-heavy than his previous two releases.




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