Moron Moment: Taco Truck Vendors Sell Meth

A Denver woman who sells tacos out of her Taco Truck is accused of selling meth with her food. Maria Arellano was part of a Colorado drug ring and customers would either order a side […]


View of the Oxford American College dict

Steve’s Vocabulary Lesson

With the new medical and recreational marijuana law in Colorado taking effect recently, Monika wondered about the terminology used to order marijuana. Steve found a few options. Listen to his vocabulary lesson.


Tennessee Titans v Denver Broncos

The Kick Heard ‘Round the Mile High City

Denver Broncos’ kicker Matt Prater set up to kick a record-long field goal as the Broncos trailed the Tennessee Titans 21-17 heading into halftime. It was a long shot, but Prater lined up for the […]


(Credit: CBS Denver)

Treadmill Work Stations: Walk Your Way To Health While You Work

Need exercise and don’t have time for the time? How about trading your office chair in for a work space treadmill? Barbara Ann gives you the deal on the latest healthy office trend, treadmill desks.


(Credit:Thomas Cooper/Getty Images)

“Dark Knight” Shooting Witness Talks With Cledus, Dave & Veronica

Jayla Jones, age 16, was seated at a theater across the hall from where authorities say 24-year-old James Homes opened fire on over 50 innocent movie-goers at the Century 16 Theater in Aurora, Colorado early […]


Chuck Wicks Latest Tweet

Chuck Wicks latest tweet was…



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