Moron Moment of the Day: Man Uses Belly Fat to Conceal Drugs

A Deltona, Florida man was stopped by the police for not wearing his seat belt, but the officers discovered much more after they pulled him over. The police noticed 450-pound Christopher Mitchell was acting a […]


Moron Moment: Man Calls 911 Then Does Drug Deal

When a Cleveland man called 911 to report he felt he was in danger, the authorities were concerned for his safety. Alejandro Melendez said he saw two men with guns watching him. When asked his […]


Photo Courtesy of Getty Images

Lobster for Drugs?

A man needed his drugs so bad that he decided to steal to get it, but he stole lobster and lobster meat, so he could get his drugs.  The man who is Allentown, Pennsylvania decided […]



Prank Call ‘Pot Found During Car Repair’

Dave made another prank call this morning, take a listen to what happened during this call.


Lindsay Lohan Back On Drugs

It might seem like bad timing — that Lindsay Lohan was ordered last week to submit to random drug testing….



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