Jewel Samad/AFP

Super Drunk Principal Slips the Cuffs

Watch a video of a super drunk Elementary School Principal slipping out of the cuffs.


Photo credit FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP/Getty Images

Moron Drunk at Walmart

A man in Brooksville decided it would be a good idea to get drunk and then go to Walmart and ride around on a motorized shopping cart and drink beer that he stole from the […]



Drunk Attendant Cancels Flight

A flight attendant who was drunk on a flight got the flight cancelled. 


(Photo: YouTube Still)

Drunk TV News Anchor in Minnesota [Viral Videos]

A Minnesota TV anchor appears to be having a little bit of difficulty with slurred speech.


Olympic Skier Pees On Girls Leg

Robert Vietze, who was on the US Olympic Ski team decided to get drunk on a flight and pee on a girls leg. 


Crop Circles and Wallabies

In Australia there have been some crop circles found and the wallaby is the reason for the circles. 


Moron Moment 7/6/11

Our moron moment today involves a drunk man, a child and a bag of ice. 


Moron Moment 6/17/11

A woman drank wine from a box and then drove to the St. Pete Pier and that’s when it got weird. 


Lee Brice Jokes With The Morning Show About Past Times

[lastfm link_type="artist_info"]Lee Brice[/lastfm] jokes around with Dave and Veronica in Nashville during CMT Festivities. Memories of Key West were brought up and losing people…Definitely a must listen!


Things Not To Do Drunk

Karl Kornrumph was too drunk to realize that he wasn’t at his own house.