Largest Supermoon of the Year This Weekend

Sunday night, just after sunset, the largest supermoon of the year will be visible. If a full moon coincides with the time it’s closest to earth it’s called a supermoon, and it’s rare. The full […]


New Planet Dubbed ‘Mega Earth’

NASA’s Kepler telescope discovered a surprise planet which they officially named Kepler-10C, but due to it’s size gave it the nick name Mega Earth. NASA determined Kepler-10C was formed 11 billion years ago and it […]


Close-up Of Mars

Mars in “Opposition”

Opposition is a term used to describe when a planet lies directly opposite the sun in Earth’s sky. It’s rare, and it’s happening tonight. The planet Mars, Earth, and the sun will all be in […]


The Rings of the Panet Saturn

NASA Discovers (A lot) More Planets

NASA’s Kepler space telescope recently discovered there are more planets orbiting distant stars than we originally thought. 715 additional planets have been discovered among 305 planetary systems. They’re all not too big, not too small […]


photo courtesy of NASA

Life on Mars?

NASA’s Curiosity rover spotted what some believe to be an iguana on the sufrace of Mars, but others are skeptical and say it’s most likely a rock. Although there’s no concrete proof it’s a life […]



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