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Sheryl Crow Wants A ‘Woman In The White House’

The new country-flavored song by Sheryl Crow wonders if it’s time for the centuries-long run of male presidents to come to an end. But does everyone agree it sends the right message?


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Is Your Favorite Country Artist Voting For Obama Or Romney?

Republican? Democrat? Other? Some country stars aren’t saying, but a few have made their views on the 2012 presidential election public.


Taylor Swift

Who Will Taylor Swift Vote For This Election?

Some country artists have no problem making their political views public. Is Taylor one of those people?


Donald Trump Bashes Anthony Weiner

Leave it to Donald Trump to always say something about whatever is going on. His latest target was Anthony Weiner, the congressman who just recently admitted to having tweeted that inappropriate photo of himself.


Last Day To Register For Nov 2nd Election

  Today is the last day to register to vote in the November 2nd general election.



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