Woman Thief Busts Herself on Facebook

An Illinois woman who robbed a small boutique was a little too anxious to show her acquired goods to all her virtual friends, and it cost her. Danielle Sexton was caught on surviellance camera running […]


Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Shania Twain Hosting Facebook Q and A Monday At 6pm EST

Shania Twain is about to make a big connection with her fans through Facebook tonight (Monday, July 15) at 6pm EST. It’s an online chat which follows a slew of sold out shows in Calgary, […]


Top 10 Most Annoying Type of Facebook Posts

We all know “those people” on Facebook. The ones who clutter your feed with annoying posts. Some people choose to unfriend them, others choose to block them, still others just scroll right by without a […]


Moron Moment of the Day: Thief Busted By Facebook

A Minnesota man’s plan to rob a house was going well until he decided he needed to check his Facebook. Nicholas Wig was in the process of stealing credit cards, cash, and a watch when […]


Do You Know the Latest Twitter Lingo?

The FBI has compiled an 83-page glossary of 3,000 terms most commonly used on Twitter and Facebook in hopes of understanding more clearly any potential crimes being discussed on the internet. Steve Austin gave Monika […]


FanFair Country Music Festival

Top 10 Bad Country Songs That Were Big Hits

After getting a ton of fan comments from Facebook and Twitter, The Boot tallied them all and compiled a list of songs that, despite being very big hits, just seemed to rub a lot of […]


An airliner flies into Hongqiao Internat

Missing Malaysian Plane Facebook Scam

Buyer Beware! A new Facebook scam comes complete with what looks like actual facts and photos from a bogus CNN source saying that the missing flight MH-370 has been found at sea. The user thinks […]


( Photo by: EMMANUEL DUNAND/AFP/Getty Images)

Kmart’s New “Show Your Joe” Boxer Commercial Jingles More Than Just Bells

Kmart has a new holiday commercial showing men dressed in boxers shaking their shorts to the tune of “Jingle Bells.” Is it too naughty for TV?


AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am - Round Two

Deer Rescue Kit: Facebok and a Canoe

In Canyon, Minnesota, Jeff Slygh was doing some routine yard work when his wife, Carol, noticed a Facebook posting about a deer that had fallen into a frozen lake near their residence. Slygh didn’t hesitate […]


By: Scott Barbour
Getty Images News

Those Food Pictures on Facebook are More Than Just Annoying

Your friends continually post what they’ve had for breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Facebook. And you continually get annoyed. But it turns out there’s another effect those food pictures have on you. According to a […]




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