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Arby’s Secret Menu Item: The Meat Mountain

For people who are extremely hungry and the regular menu just won’t cut it, Arby’s has a sandwich called the “Meat Mountain” on what they call their “Secret Menu.” The Secret Menu contains foods that […]


Tampa needs a Trader Joe's! Sarasota is too far to drive. (Photo by Michael Nagle/Getty Images)

We Need Trader Joe’s In Tampa

APRIL 25 UPDATE: Word is a Trader Joe’s might be coming to the corner of Swann and Dale Mabry in Tampa! Just rumor at this point, but any news is good news! JUNE 14 UPDATE: […]


Photo Courtesy of Getty Images

Wendy’s Has the Fastest Drive-thru

If you are in a hurry during your lunch break and are looking to find the fastest drive-thru restaurant, well a study finds that Wendy’s is the fastest.  Wendy’s drive-thru service is the fastest at […]


Moron Moment of the Week

This moron moment involves a drunk man, a shotgun, a fast food drive-thru and missing hot sauce on his order. 


Fast and Dangerous Food?

The playground areas at fast food restaurants are a lot dirtier than they appear. 


Best Burgers?

The list of the best burgers and french fries at the fast food restaurants came out. 


Am I Crazy?

Am I crazy, or are the fries at fast food places not as tasty as they used to be now that they’re not using trans-fats in the grease. I had some fries at



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