Tons of squids are placed on the ground

Calamari Anyone?

Japanese fishermen hauled in a giant squid off Japan’s Sadogashima Island after spotting it in the early morning and video taping the whole event. The squid weighed over 350 pounds and was more than 13 […]


Photo courtesy Jamaica Observer

Catch of the Day!

Two Jamaican fisherman were fishing just off Boston Bay when they caught something very unexpected. Desmond Phillips and Michael Grant fought over two hours with a giant Sunfish estimated to weigh 900 pounds. After trying […]


By: Ethan Miller
Getty Images News

A Very Close Call For Fishermen in Texas

Professional angler Tucker K. Owings and his friend were fishing on on Lake Athens in Texas when they felt what they described as “static” in their fishing poles. They decided to play it safe and […]



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