Most Stolen Cars in America List

LoJack tracking devices were used to determine the most stolen cars in America, and the list was just released. For the fifth straight year, the Honda Accord was named the most stolen car. The rest […]


photo by Carlos Osorio
Toronto Star

Toronto Mayor Gets TV Show!?!?

When I first read this I thought…Are You Kidding Me? And I know I’m not alone on this one. Toronto’s Mayor Rob Ford who admittedly smoked crack and refuses to step down has a reality […]


Legendary Hollywood and Broadway actress

Woman Celebrates 116th Birthday

A woman by the name os Bessy Cooper has celebrated her 116th birthday! Congratulations to her! Imagine how many things and events she’s experienced in her lifetime. She was around when the first car Ford […]



Colt Ford’s Not Afraid To Get A Little Muddy

Where else in the world would [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Colt Ford [/lastfm]fit in best other then gettin’ a lil muddy with folks like me and you?  Probably no where! That’s why he decided to team up with […]



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