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Jerrod Niemann On The Dangers Of Writing About Exes

“Music is a healing process and it’s a therapeutic process for people,” Jerrod Niemann recently told CBS Local. Jerrod also admits that many of his songs are inspired by past relationships. The second track on his […]


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Jerrod Niemann To Stream Chicago Concert Live Tonight

You don’t have to be in Chicago to watch Jerrod Niemann “Free The Music” live on stage tonight.


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Jerrod Niemann Is Grateful

With his new Free the Music album in stores now, Jerrod Niemann is just hitting the airwaves with a brand-new single from the album, a gorgeous song called “Only God Could Love You More.” And Jerrod says that being […]


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Jerrod Niemann Embraces New Technology On ‘Free The Music’

“One thing about Nashville is we always respect our forefathers and sisters who built country music before us. It’s exciting to take old technology [and] transform it into a new sound in our own way.”


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Jerrod Niemann The Brooks To Brooks Connection

Not only do Jerrod Niemann and Kix Brooks happen to have the same record company, they also both have new albums — Jerrod withFree the Music, which released just last week, and Kix, with his terrific solo album, New to This Town. […]


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Jerrod Niemann Stands Up For Jason Aldean And ‘Frees The Music’ At PS22

With his new album “Free the Music” hitting stores, Jerrod Niemann has had a very busy week. But he still took time out to stand up for his friend (and to sing with the kids as PS22).


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The Man Who Went Straight To Number One

He’s the man who went straight to number-one with his smash, “Lover, Lover,” and now Jerrod Niemann is back this Tuesday with his new album, Free the Music — his first new release since topping the country album chart […]


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Jerrod Niemann Free The Music

Jerrod Niemann is thrilled to be looking ahead to the October 2nd release of his new album, Free the Music — and he talks about it here:  “It’s very exciting to be able to put out a second […]


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Jerrod Niemann Always The Student

Jerrod Niemann‘s upcoming album is titled Free the Music, and when it comes to music, Jerrod says that he considers himself a student of the art form — although he could certainly be a teacher! Jerrod […]


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Jerrod Niemann On Free The Music

I never expected someone to describe their music as textured but I guess I don’t know Jerrod Niemann well enough.  That’s a nice touch, “textured,” Jerrod says that’s what the fans can expect on his […]



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