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Photo By Orlando Davis

Sleep Wars In Radio [Video]

Orlando was just hiding and minding his business…TRYING to sleep! Well… you already know what happens when one person is out and there are people up to good around you! Dave and Veronica from the […]



Cockatoo Parrot Argues With Owner [Video]

Parents you’re probably already used to arguing with your kids and telling them you’ve had enough! But, what would it be like if you had the argument with a parrot and they actually talked back?! […]


Three Bulldogs wait for customers at a "

Bulldog Impersonates Elephant [Video]

When it comes to our pets, everyone thinks their pet is the cutest or funniest pet out there. Well, we found a little guy that thinks he’s another animal a hundred times his size. You […]


Jewish Couple Marry During Alternative Ceremony

Bridal Party Falls Into Lake During Wedding Photo Shoot [Video]

Everyone always has a story to tell when it comes to their Wedding Day. This couple will obviously never forget their wedding day and neither will their bridal party. After saying their I Do’s, this […]


A photo from my first Gasparilla parade in 2012. PS... this guy is not on the countdown.  Photo: Geno Knight/CBS Tampa

5 Funniest Drunken Idiots of Gasparilla [VIDEO]

As Gasparilla 2013 is upon us, it’s a good time to remind you that you really should party safe. After all you could get hurt, hurt someone else, or even worse… end up on my […]


Fonterra Open New Processing Plant

“Gangnam Style” Parody Farmer Style [Video]

PSY has turned into a worldwide sensation with his hit song, “Gangnam Style, which broke the Guinness Book of World Records with the most views and likes on YouTube. There have been hundreds of people […]


Bottles of beer are seen at the producti

5 Ways To Open A Beer Without A Beer Opener [Video]

Here’s a video that’ll help you kick off your weekend! Time to get those beers out and start drinkin’. But what happens if you don’t have a beer opener…what would you do for a beer? […]


YouTube Video Still

Kids Don’t Know Those Who Run Our Government [Video]

Kids these days seem to be living under a rock. This video shows exactly that…kids who are going to school and don’t know anything about their government and events going on in the world.


YouTube Video Still

Flying People In NYC [Video]

It’s a bird! It’s A Plane! No….it’s actually people! That’s what some New Yorkers were probably saying when they saw the strange people-like figures flying all over New York City. Their next thought must have […]


YouTube Video Still

10 Best Super Bowl Ads [Videos]

It’s that time of the year…the Super Bowl is this weekend. That means some of the best commercials of the year will be premiering during the game. It’s probably the only time when people actually […]




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