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2012’s Top Super Bowl Ads

The Super Bowl is this Sunday…that only means one thing. Some of the best commercials of the the year will be aired. But, this year it’s gotten even better because now there’s previews for these […]


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Crazy Tennis Ball Boy Catch [VIDEO]

At the Australian Open, during the Federer Nadal Semifinal match, there was a boy who had a quick reflex and made an amazing catch when one of the tennis balls went off to the side. […]


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Man Falls Hard On Balance Beam [Video]

When things go wrong! Bet you this man will think twice about ever doing this again. This man is on a balance beam, but to make it even scarier is he tries to balance on […]


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Scary Crosswind Landing During Strong Winds [Video]

It doesn’t seem normal for planes to land like their an alien space craft. But this plane actually looked like it was when trying to land during a storm, where the winds were very strong […]


Greeks Continue Their Lives As They Struggle To Cope With Austerity Cuts After The Financial Crisis

Man Catches Boy That Falls 15 Feet Off Escalator [Video]

It’s times like this one that you think where is this boy’s parents or who’s watching this little boy. This little boy, like any other little boy thought it would be fun to go on […]


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Dogs Perform The Star Wars Theme [Video]

The Super Bowl is coming up and you know what that means! A whole lot of new commercials to entertain us. This is probably one of the only times people stay on the channel to […]


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Marcos Baghdatis Destroys 4 Tennis Raquets [Video]

Well, some people just don’t know how to handle a situation. Especially, if you’re angry and you just want to vent…why not just completely destroy a tennis racket like  Marcos Baghdatis when he lost his […]


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Screech Lookalike Proclaims His Love [VIDEO]

This video was featured on the Comedy Central show Tosh.0. A lovestruck teen describes his deep, neverending love to his girl Briona. Warning: Do not eat before watching this!


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Goalie Stupid Mistake Ends Game

Wow…imagine letting your team down for a dumb mistake. Well, this goalie probably got given the cold shoulder by his teammates after making one of the biggest mistakes ever during a soccer game. You have […]


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The Pool That Disappears (Video)”

Don’t have room for a patio and a pool in your backyard? Check this out… the “Hidden Pool.” The inventors are showing off their creation in this video that’s gone viral around the ‘net today!





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