IFA 2011 Consumer Technology Trade Fair

Massachusetts Adds New “Upskirt” Law

Although it seems it should go without saying, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick decided it’s about time to make “upskirt” camera shots illegal and he signed a bill to make it official. Taking pictures or recording […]


Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

No Texting and Driving

Next time you think about texting and driving you may have a hefty fine to pay. Listen to Steve tell you why.  


The Wrong Curve For Driving

Teenagers are allowed to take the learners permit online again after the Governor signed it into law. 


Jim Morrison Pardoned by Crist

Jim Morrison from The Doors looks like he will be pardoned by Governor Charlie Crist for an indecent exposure incident. 


Texas Gov. Shoots Coyote

Texas Governor, Rick Perry, doesn’t want coyotes messing with his dog.  So, he took matters into his own hands. 



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