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Most Hated Celebrity In Hollywood

The list of the most hated celebrities in Hollywood is out and Steve discusses the list.


(Joe Corrigan/Getty Images for Stand Up To Cancer)

Stand Up To Cancer With Taylor Swift, Tim McGraw And More!

The star studded affair that helps raise money for cancer research airs September 7th!


Paltrow's Record Deal Crumbles

Remember right after the movie Country Strong came out that there was talk about signing [lastfm link_type=””]Gwyneth Paltrow [/lastfm] to a record deal.  Well I’m sorry to say


Country Music Purist Rest Easy

Fans of the movie [lastfm link_type=””]Country Strong[/lastfm] may be a little disappointed to find out that [lastfm link_type=””]Gwyneth Paltrow[/lastfm] is not planning on cutting an album anytime soon. 


Will The Oscars Go Country (Strong)?

Today, there’s lots of talk about the Oscar nominations for Best Picture and Best Actor, but if you’re a Country fan (and we’ll assume you are, since you’re here) there’s one award that far outweighs […]


Gwyneth Paltrow Plays Taylor Swift

When you just break into a business, you should sorta mind your P’s and Q’s. Well, seems like Gwyneth Paltrow is living by the prison mentality; take a shot at one of the biggest and […]


Tim And Gwyneth Talk ‘Country Strong’ – Unscripted!

[lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Tim McGraw[/lastfm] and Gwyneth Paltrow appeared recently on Moviefone: Unscripted to chat about their new movie, Country Strong, which opened this last weekend.


Gwyneth Paltrow To Host Saturday Night Live

Country Strong is theaters this week, so naturally all the stars are out talking up the film. [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Gwyneth Paltrow[/lastfm] was on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night and it was announced today that […]


Gwyneth Paltrow On Country Strong

[lastfm link_type=””]Gwyneth Paltrow [/lastfm]is the type of person who, whenever she takes on a project, becomes very dedicated to it.  And making the music for [lastfm link_type=””]Country Strong [/lastfm] is no different, as a matter […]


Country Strong

So how did [lastfm link_type=””]Gwyneth Paltrow [/lastfm]get [lastfm link_type=””]Vince Gill[/lastfm] to come and sing on “[lastfm link_type=””]Country Strong[/lastfm]?”  Well Gwyneth explains it this way:




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