Helluva Life

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Behind The Scenes Of Frankie Ballard’s “Helluva Life” Video

Frankie Ballard’s hit single “Helluva Life” is featured on his new album “Sunshine and Whiskey.” Recently Ballard shot a video for the tune in between tour dates and has now released a behind the scenes […]


Opening for Taylor Swift, June 11, 2011 (Photo by Steve Wiseman/CBS Radio)

Frankie Ballard Explains How His Baseball Dreams Ended

Maybe you didn’t know it but Frankie Ballard, who sings the hit “Helluva Life” was a star shortstop for Western Michigan University before he went full force into his music career. He recently explained to […]


photo by Robin Marchant

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Frankie Ballard’s Unplugged, Acoustic Version Of “Helluva Life”

If your a fan of Frankie Ballard’s hit song “Helluva Life” like I am. you’ll really enjoy this relaxing and beautiful version that is totally unplugged. It really shows Frankie’s passion and talent. Check it […]



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