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Julianne Hough’s Coming Back To Dancing With The Stars

Jimmy Carter called the show today to give us the Nashville update, the topics include, Sara Evans and her husband, Footloose the movie, and Julianne Hough coming back to Dancing With The Stars.



Kim Kardashian Says, “I Do” Over The Weekend

Veronica gave us her daily dose of the Celebrity Squeeze, it included the topics, Kim Kardashian, Dancing With The Stars, & More.



Will This Guy Wear A WQYK Shirt To His Wedding

Today we got a phone call from a guy that is getting married tomorrow, we wish him the best, now put on that WQYK t-shirt.


(Photo Illustration by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Is It Ok To Friend An Ex On Facebook

Today the question was posed, is it ok to friend your ex on Facebook? Listen to some of the calls we got and take our poll.


Sara Evans Visits WQYK!

Sara Evans stopped by the WQYK studio Friday morning. Check out the video of her talking about her husband Jay Barker, her new single and “Dancing With The Stars.” Enjoy!


Being a Better Husband

Guys, ever wonder how to be a husband? Here are 5 steps to being a better husband (from Take an interest in something your wife is really passionate about. This can be



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