ice cream

An actual human brain displayed inside a

Brain Freeze Cure!

If you’re an ice cream, frozen drink, or slushee fan then you know the immediate and incapacitating pain of what’s commonly called Brain Freeze. The good news is, scientists have a cure of sorts that […]


Photo: Tim Boone  / CBS Tampa

Trace Adkins Threatens Dave McKay: “I’m Gonna Choke You So Hard Your Eyeballs Are Gonna Pop Outta Your Head”

Trace Adkins talked with Dave & Veronica about his new ice cream flavor. The ice cream is being sold at Walgreens and is competing against Penn Gillette for the All Star edition of Donald Trump’s […]



Back before my time this eye doctor guy, David Sticker took a banana, split it down the middle and then proceeded to put 3 scoops of different flavors of ice cream on top of it. […]



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