The 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Show

Carrie Underwood’s Faith Helps Her Fight Off Harsh Reviews

Did you watch “The Sound of Music” live with Carrie Underwood last week? I thought for someone who has never done any substantial acting, she did okay. She does make her living singing! Evidently some […]


(Photo by Laura Cavanaugh/Getty Images)

Duck Dynasty Member Had Thoughts Of Suicide

Reed Robertson, Jase and Missey’s son is admitting that the fame from the popular television show “Duck Dynasty” almost caused him to commit suicide. In a recent interview Reed says an inflated ego caused him to […]


Photo Courtesy of Getty Images

Jesus Spotted In An Airport [VIDEO]

The image of Jesus has been seen again, but it isn’t in a sandwich this time. Watch the video to see if you see the image.



Woman Sees Image of Jesus on a Cliff

A woman has said she saw the image of Jesus on the side of a cliff. 



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