Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash Home To Be Restored

Arkansas State University recently purchased the childhood home of country music legend [lastfm link_type=""]Johnny Cash [/lastfm] with the hopes of restoring it to its original condition.


Street Date: Johnny Cash Album Stream: “Bootleg Vol. 2 – From Memphis to Hollywood”

We’ve got a treat for [lastfm]Johnny Cash[/lastfm] fans this week. Click through below for a streaming sampler from the new double-disc release called Bootleg Volume 2 – From Memphis to Hollywood. The second offering from […]


Tennessean Of The Year

I was never one to practice idolatry and if I was it would probably be for one of my high school teachers while growing up. Mrs. Auld (Health) Mr. Blank (Am. History) or Mr. Yates […]


Shooter Jennings Demands More XXX

Shooter Jennings has been causing a stir among the country music blogs recently with his call for a new radio format. XXX – named for the labels on bottles of moonshine – seeks to rope […]


“Lost Duet”

I wonder if it’ll ever get any air play?  “[lastfm]Why Me Lord[/lastfm]?” was a song written by [lastfm]Kris Kristofferson[/lastfm] a long time ago and recorded by [lastfm]Johnny Cash[/lastfm] and [lastfm]Ray Charles[/lastfm] in 1981 but never […]


Tribute to Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash’s “Ring Of Fire” Is The Best Country Song Arizona Annie Has Ever Heard

In honor of Country Music Month, we asked a panel of country music experts from across the country, “what is the best country song you’ve ever heard?” This installment is from Arizona Annie. Annie is […]


Top 5 Country Songs About Trains

Trains have always been associated with country music  because the popularity of country music began to grow when the railroad was still a transportation king. To this day if, I go by a set of […]


Top 5 Country Songs About Murder

In honor of Country Music Month, throughout October, we’re going to be running Top 5 lists of different types of country songs. Today, we present to you, the Top 5 Country Songs About Murder. Country […]

10/12/2010 Trends: Kiss Angels With CMA Legend Charley Pride

Throughout October Trends will be taking a look at past winners of the CMA Entertainer Of The Year award to celebrate Country Music Month. Today it’s the turn of Charley Pride. Discover how his […]

10/07/2010 Trends: Johnny Cash, CMA legend

© Martyn Atkins/American Recordings It’s Country Music Month and to celebrate the team at Trends are taking a look at each of the CMA Entertainers of The Year in turn, building up to the […]