Some Restaurants Say No To Kids

Some restaurants are not allowing children under the age of 6  because they could disturb the other customers. 


Zac Brown Building A Summer Camp For Special Needs Children

[photogallerylink id=30154] Zac Brown looks like a mountain man and like someone who loves camping. I know, I know, I shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. But, it just so happens he does like to […]


Moron Moment

A woman, but not the one above, left her two kids at home and went out to sing karaoke. 


Kids Acting Out Oscar Nominations

Kids are too cute when they act out their favorite movies, but they’re even more adorable when they take the recent best picture Oscar nominations and act them out! From the craziness of Black Swan […]


Keith Urban Cooks Up A Track With The Wiggles!

That’s right, Grammy nominee [lastfm]Keith Urban[/lastfm] joined [lastfm]the Wiggles[/lastfm] for a feat of fun on their new album, Let’s Eat.


Hottest Toys for Christmas

It’s almost Christmas time and Steve gives us the hottest Christmas gifts for the kids this year. 


Cool Halloween Snacks

There are some cool Halloween snacks for the kids that you can make into scary things.  


Latest on the Poop In the Pool

2 kids thought it would be funny to mimic a “Caddyshack” scene, but it didn’t go the way they wanted. 


Toby Wants Kids To Get Off The Couch

[lastfm]Toby Keith[/lastfm] was not a couch potato when he was a kid growing up. He wasn’t obsessed with video games or sitting at a computer for hours, surfing the Internet. His fondest memories growing up […]


How The Internet Changed Us

The Internet has changed the way we work, play and even think. While its offered us much and greatly enriched our lives, it has also taken away things — things that used to be precious […]




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