Spanish Crisis Closes The Door Industry

Boy Suspended for Kissing Girl’s Hand

6-year old Hunter Yelton kissed a girl’s hand during their reading group and his school suspended him for it. And now the school is accusing him of sexual harassment for the hand-kissing incident. Yelton had […]


Photo by Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images

Kiss Cam Disaster

Watch a video of a kiss cam at a baseball game that didn’t go as planned.        


Photo by Bryn Lennon/Getty Images

National Kiss & Make Up Day, August 25th, 2011

In honor of National ‘Kiss and Make Up’ day, Veronica gave us a list of Celebrities that need to make up today.


New Movies Out This Weekend

We are getting closer to the summer blockbuster movies, but there a couple out this weekend including, “Water For Elephants”. 


Phone Calls About Cledus’s Son Getting Detention

Today we got some calls about Cledus’s son getting detention for kissing his girlfriend. Take a listen.