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Kristen Kelly Hey A Girl’s Gotta Eat

I’ve got a feeling that Brad Paisley must have eaten some really horrible tour-catering over the years, because I’ve seen the grub he’s brought to town with him and the food is to die for.  Newcomer Kristen […]


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Kristen Kelly Making Her Ex-Old Man

Last week marked the release of Kristen Kelly‘s debut music video — it’s for her very cool single, “Ex-Old Man.” Which I told you about in a prior post, well Kristen tells us she had […]


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Kristen Kelly Prank First

Newcomer Kristen Kelly has been having a great time on tour with Brad Paisley — and with Brad’s longtime reputation as a tour prankster, Kristen took the bold step of deciding to prank first earlier this summer, surprising Brad on stage […]


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Kristen Kelly And Her Ex-Old Man

I spoke to you about Kristen Kelly and her new single “Ex-Old Man,” and how she’s touring with Brad Paisley.  But what I may not have mentioned is how thrilled she is to be on […]


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Kristen Kelly Ex-Old Man

If real-life heartache inspires the best songs, Kristen Kelly took it in a fun direction and got a gem with her song, “Ex-Old Man,” all about the ex-husband and the ex-best girlfriend who got a little too […]


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Kristen Kelly New Artist

From our “Someone to watch out for department,” Kristen Kelly is just that person, and really cool things have started to be happening for her.  Kristen’s new to radio and with her new single “Ex-Old […]


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Brad Paisley Adds ‘Escape’ To Virtual Reality World Tour

Brad Paisley is taking his Virtual Reality World Tour to another level. He’s adding a festival element called The Escape. The Escape a fun-filled area with contests, games, food, Slip ‘n’ Slide, inflatables, and a […]




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