Lady Gaga

Shania’s Grammy Dress Shocks America

Years before Janet Jackson’s infamous “wardrobe malfunction”, there was the impending disaster of Shania Twain’s barely-there costume from the 1998 Grammy Awards! 


Top Ten Most Retweeted Tweets Of 2010

On Twitter, the retweet is the ultimate “hey, look at this!” Retweets are an acknowledgment, in most cases an appreciation (but not always), of the original tweeters’ comment. Twitter keeps track of the retweet count. […]


Lady Gaga’s Hair Dress

Lady Gaga played an intimate show in New York City over the weekend. Apparently, she has something against regular fabrics.


GaGa Face Plant!

Here’s tonight’s Boredom Buster: Lady Gaga. Love her or hate her. There’s no in between. Me? LOVE HER. But, a face plant is always amusing, so here ya go…


“Paparazzi” Performed By 6th Grader

This video is great! This kid has a great voice and will be on the Ellen show today. Watch the video on the next page.


America’s Favorite Artists

A new Harris poll came out recently and asked people to name their favorite artists.  Country artists have a strong presence in the top 10.  Check out the list on the next page.  




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