A Microwave Oven

Workplace Microwave No-No’s

Busy schedules and appointments keep us in the office for lunch most workdays. Sandwiches get boring, so heating up some leftovers is a nice change of pace. But there are some universal dishes that should […]


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How Well Do You Remember 2012?

Obviously you haven’t forgotten “Gangnam Style” or NASA’s Curiosity rover landing on Mars. Who could ever forget wondering what the fiscal cliff is or Superstorm Sandy? But did you already forget about Texts from Hillary? […]


Brendon Thorne/Getty Images

Taylor Swift, Britney Spears Top Forbes’ Highest-Earning Women In Music List

Brit Brit brought home a whopping $58 million, while Taylor was a close second with ‘only’ $57 million.


If you've ever wondered what happens when a bikini meets a wave, there's your answer, as it did at St. Bart's back in March.

Where Do The Most Attractive People Live?

What cities have the most attractive people? LA, New York, Las Vegas, etc.. The factors included fashion sense, fitness level, music scene and people-watching. Here is the list of most attractive cities according to Travel […]


Top 10 Hottest Country Fellas

A while back we asked our listeners who they thought were the HOTTEST fellas in Country music. Well for Country Music Month, we want to re-visit who YOU though were the hottest fellas and who […]


Top 5 Country Songs About Other Country Stars

In honor of Country Music Month, throughout October, we’re going to be running Top 5 lists of different types of country songs. Today, we present to you, the Top 5 Country Songs About Other Country […]



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