Rare Yellow Lobster Found at Publix

A Florida Publix seafood department hosted an extremely rare crustacian and they weren’t even aware of it. Marybeth Jeitner spotted the yellow lobster in a tank at the grocery store, and instantly wanted to save […]


Moron Moment of the Day: Woman Steals Lobsters for WHAT?!

A Deland, Florida woman was arrested earlier this week after stuffing seven frozen lobster tails down her pants in a local Publix. Nichole Ann Reed walked around with the lobsters in her pants before leaving […]


White Castle Puts On The Ritz For Valentine's Day

Barbara Ann’s Sexiest Valentine’s Day Restaurants

Valentine’s Day (Feb. 14) is celebrated as a night of romance and love for couples. Planning that special night can can be overwhelming. BA gives her dining advice on the sexiest Valentine’s Day spots to help take the stress out of planning.


Photo Courtesy of Getty Images

Lobster With Four Claws

A fisherman was fishing for lobster off the coast of Maine and when he pulled up a catch he noticed something strange about the lobster.  It had four claws.  The man will keep the lobster […]



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