Loretta Lynn

Last.fm Trends: Loretta Lynn Tackles Country Greats

Last.fm Trends countdown of CMA Entertainers of the Year has reached 1972, and today it’s the turn of Loretta Lynn. Find out how her country classics are doing now, and what’s really top of her […]


Loretta Lynn Songs Announced

The other day I told you about the upcoming album Coal Miners Daughter: A tribute to [lastfm]Loretta Lynn[/lastfm].  Now I got the list of who is going to be on it and what song they […]


Coal Miners Daughter

Now that’s country!  That, is a new [lastfm]Loretta Lynn[/lastfm] tribute album which is due out come November 9th. What’s great, I mean really great about it is the fact that some of today’s hottest artist are […]


A Tribute to Loretta Lynn

Finally a tribute to Loretta Lynn has been scheduled for November 9th. The tribute is called, “Coal Miner’s Daughter: A Tribute to Loretta Lynn” and so far the artists that will be involved have not […]




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