A Microwave Oven

Workplace Microwave No-No’s

Busy schedules and appointments keep us in the office for lunch most workdays. Sandwiches get boring, so heating up some leftovers is a nice change of pace. But there are some universal dishes that should […]


(Photo by; GABRIEL BOUYS/AFP/Getty Images)

Unsuspected Good Samaritan in Boston

A server in a Boston restaurant witnessed a kind act a man did for complete strangers. While eating dinner alone, a man overheard two women, he said appeared to be mother and daughter, eating at […]


Theft Proof Sandwich Bag

If you look forward to having your lunch at work, but when you go to get it someone has taken it.  Well, there is a solution to the problem. 


McDonald’s Delivers

There are some McDonald’s around the Tampa Bay area that are now delivering breakfast and lunch to you. 


Food’s Appearance

Your food’s appearance could make you fat. University of Pennsylvania scientists found that diners underestimate how much they’re serving themselves when the food comes in



Want to change the world? Just eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch. Yes, a PB&J will slow global warming. How? One sandwich reduces your carbon footprint by saving the equivalent of 2.5 […]



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