Love and Theft

Eric Gunderson From Love And Theft: If ‘Angel Eyes’ Goes Number One, ‘I Will Go Crazy’

Old man strength? Flying saucers landing on front lawns? Sas-squirrels? You never know where a conversation with Love and Theft is going to go.


Charlie’s At It Again

Charlie got on top on a Hollywood building with a machete and quoting Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 


Top 10 Best Movie Trailers of 2010

Have you ever seen a movie trailer that is just so good, so epic, so freaking AWESOME that you watch it again and again?? We’ve had a lot of really good trailer’s this year, check […]


Moron Moment for Tuesday

Yes it is the Halloween season, but a machete was used as a threat against two men attempting a home invasion. 



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