Moron Moment of the Week

This moron moment involves a McDonald’s, a bag of food and a McDonald’s workers head. 



McDonald’s TV

There is a new TV channel, but you can only get it in McDonald’s restaurants. 


Zits and Big Mac’s Don’t Go Together

A man in Cape Coral thought it would be funny to pop his zits in front of patrons at McDonald’s, but police didn’t think it was funny. 


Not Happy Meal

Apples will now be a part of happy meals at McDonald’s, but you will still be able to get fries in you want. 


Biggest McDonald’s Ever

The Olympics will be in London in 2012 and the biggest McDonald’s ever will be built in time for the games. 


35,000 Feet Up With Lee Brice

“Please Fold Your Table Trays, Put Your Seats In The Upright Positon, And Crank Up The [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Lee Brice[/lastfm]” could soon be something you hear if you decide to fly with Continental Airlines!  Now Lee […]


McDonald’s Delivers

There are some McDonald’s around the Tampa Bay area that are now delivering breakfast and lunch to you. 


Today Is Day Of Change

You know that loose change on the floor in the car? In the bottom of your purse? In a jar on your desk? The U.S. Treasury estimates that we have $1.5 billion in loose change […]


McDonald’s Won’t Accept Drugs As Payment

Alexander M. Lemke went for a drive to get some cheeseburgers from McDonald’s early Friday, the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office says.



Get a McDonald’s Wake Up Call

Sign up for a wake up call from WQYK and McDonald’s, the official breakfast of the WQYK Morning Show. Each weekday Cledus and Dave will call one lucky winner and give them a limited edition WQYK […]



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