Happiest and Unhappiest Cities in America

The University of British Columbia and Harvard conducted a study to find the happiest and unhappiest cities in America, and the southern region of the country came out on top. Florida cities aren’t represented on […]


Southwest Airlines passenger planes are

Airline Lands in Wrong City

A Southwest Airlines plane scheduled to land in Branson, Missouri actually landed in a smaller airport in Taney County, Missouri, about seven miles away from the Branson airport. And the smaller airport’s runway about half […]


Santa Claus winks at visitors in his off

“Sleigh Rides” from Secret Santa

The real Santa may live at the North Pole, but there’s a Secret Santa living in Independence, Missouri and he’s handing out $100 to unsuspecting, yet deserving, people. A wealthy businessman in Independence gives out […]


Who Here Could Go For Some Flapjacks?

Daniel Drake doesn’t make pancakes. He makes DAN-cakes. And he does such a good job he’s adopted the moniker Doctor Dan the Pancake Man. Drake is a cook at Courtesy Diner in St. Louis, Missouri, […]



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