A Spider Monkey is seen in a tree at Mon

Another Rogue Monkey!

A rhesus macaque has been seen in the Apollo Beach area, and he’s made appearances several different times. Residents have taken pictures and put them on social media outlets as the monkey has made his […]


Zoo Feeds Animals Fruit In Ice To Combat Heat

Macaque Monkey Still On The Loose In Tampa

The Macaque Monkey that made headlines three years ago for escaping from a sanctuary is still making headlines to this day. The little critter has been spotted in places from Tampa to St. Pete and […]


Mad Monkey

A little girl wanted to pet a monkey she saw in a Walmart parking lot, but it didn’t go exactly as planned. 


Still Monkeying Around

The macaque monkey that has been seen in the Tampa Bay area is still out there and it seems as though he may never be caught. 


Where’s The Monkey Now?

Randy and Dave notice this item in their morning show prep. updates monkey’s where abouts.



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