Moron Moment

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DUI Dummies

Our moron moment of the week this week involves a man who was busted for drinking and driving and while he was in jail he called his mother to come and bail him out of […]


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Moron Drunk at Walmart

A man in Brooksville decided it would be a good idea to get drunk and then go to Walmart and ride around on a motorized shopping cart and drink beer that he stole from the […]


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Man Fires Gun at Water Tower

Our moron moment of the week goes to Mark Fitzgerald, of Dunedin, who lost his dog and went looking for him with a rifle and a handgun while drunk.  He got to the Dunedin Country […]


Photo credit MICHAL CIZEK/AFP/Getty Images

Man Lets Pitbull Babysit

This weeks moron moment of the week involves a father that decided that it was more important to go out to a bar than to watch his 10-month-old child.  He did leave the child with […]


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Moron Moment of the Week: Bad Driver

This weeks moron involves a New Port Richey man, who decided he didn’t want to stop for the Florida Highway Patrol, and started throwing things from his car towards the officers.  The man was caught […]


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Stupid Burglars

Our moron moment of the week involves two guys that stole from a home in Manatee County and then got lost in the neighborhood they stole from.  They tried to find their way out, but […]


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Moron Moment of the Week: Fake Policeman at Drive-thru

Today’s moron involves a Pinellas County man driving to a McDonald’s in St. Petersburg and telling the workers that he was a police officer and we wanted a free meal.  The McDonald’s didn’t give him […]


Photo credit FRANCOIS NASCIMBENI/AFP/Getty Images

Moron Moment of the Week: The Potato Peeler

This weeks moron moment involves a family gathering, uncooked chicken and fight that broke out, which involved a weapon even though the weapon was a potato peeler.  Scroll down to hear this weeks moron moment.


Photo by Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images

Moron Moment: Mother Cares More About Strippers Than Her Kids

A woman decided that she wanted to go Mons Venus strip club, but she must have forgotten that she had her kids in the car because she left them there to go into the strip […]


Photo credit LLUIS GENE/AFP/GettyImages

Moron Moment of the Week: Moron In Flames

Today’s moron involves a group of friends that have gone to a bar for a night of drinking and a friendly bet between them.  On of the men made a bet that he weould put […]





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