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Moron Moment: DUI Queen

Today’s moron moment involves a mother driving her daughter around town, but the woman is drunk and is crossing medians.  The woman gets pulled over and it is discovered that this is the woman’s 9th […]


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Moron Moment of the Week: Baby On the Roof of a Car

Today’s moron involves a 19-year-old mother, who decided that smoking marijuana and taking care of your child is a good idea.  Catalina Clouser, the mother, and her boyfriend had been smoking marijuana with some friends, […]


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Moron Moment of the Week: Drug Dealing Dad

A 6-year-old student at Campbell Park Elementary School in St. Petersburg went to school and pulled something out of his backpack and told the teacher, “Look what I got.”  The boy showed the teacher a […]


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Moron Moment of the Week: Man Tries to Rob Police Station

Our moron moment of the week involves an attempted robbery and police station dispatch window.  Keithan Manuel had decided that he needed some money, so he decided to try and rob the Wilmer police station […]


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Moron Moment of the Week: Motorcycle Maniac

A man was driving his motorcycle in upstate New York and was clocked by police doing 166 mph.  The police caught up to him when he had to slow down for traffic, but he took […]


(Photo credit PAUL J. RICHARDS/AFP/Getty Images)

Moron Moment of the Week: Cheeseburgers In Paradise

An undercover officer was trolling for prostitutes so he could make an arrest, but he had an unusual experience when he picked one up.  The woman got into the car and they starting talking about […]



Moron Moment of the Week

This one involves a Taco Bell/KFC drive-thru, a hit and run and suspended license. 



Moron Moment of the Week

This one involves a couple on Valentine’s Night, handcuffs (not the cops) and the police (yes, their handcuffs too). 



Moron Moment Too

This moron was found with peanut butter and chocolate all over his body. 



Moron Moment of the Week

This one involves a security officer trying to play a real police officer. 





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