Moron Moment of the Day: Man Calls 911 to Avoid Ticket

A man in Melbourne, Florida wanted to avoid a speeding ticket…so he called 911. Julius Lupowitz got pulled over for speeding, but didn’t want the ticket, so he called 911 to report a fake murder. […]


Moron Moment of the Day: Redneck Riviera Arrest

With the new curfew being harshly enforced along the Gandy Beach, most visitors have opted to stay on the right side of the law. Charles J. Tapp had other plans. Tapp parked his Chevy Silverado […]



Moron Moment of the Week

It’s a good one this week. 


Moron Moment of the Week

A child was found wandering in the street and the person in charge of looking after the child was nowhere to be found. 


Moron Moment of the Week

Listen to what this moron did while in his car, which involves a gun and him. 


Moron Moment of the Week

He broke into Central Animal Hospital and took some things, but that pesky video camera kept getting in the way. 


Moron Moment 7/5/11

A woman had a conjugal visit with her common law husband in jail, but there was something strange about her suitcase. 


Moron Moment 5/10/11

A man in Zephyrhills was arrested for petty theft, but it is what he snuck into the jail that he got in real trouble for. 


Moron Moment 4/22/11

A man robbed a pharmacy for xanax, but he shouldn’t have robbed the place he got his prescriptions. 




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