My Ex-Old Man

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Kristen Kelly Is It Real Or Artificial

There’s no doubt, it’s been an exciting time for Kristen Kelly, touring with Brad Paisley this past summer, getting ready to hit the road withRascal Flatts next year, and recently releasing her self-titled digital EP, featuring her debut hit, […]


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Kristen Kelly And Women Rock

Today, October 30th, not only marks the release of “Ex-Old Man” singer Kristen Kelly‘s self-titled digital EP, it will also be a special day for Kristen for another reason as she joins Kellie Pickler, The Farm, Sarah Darling, Little Jimmy […]


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Kristen Kelly Having Fun

I keep going to bat for newcomer Kristen Kelly and she takes a fun twist on love gone wrong.  You’ll know what I mean if you’ve heard her song Ex-Old Man.  Well it seems that […]



Kristen Kelly Ready To Be Pranked

Newcomer Kristen Kelly is on the road as part of the “Virtual Opry” stage on the Brad Paisley tour & is thinking about Brad’s longstanding reputation as a prankster. Kristen says, bring it!  She’s ready!  “He said something earlier about […]



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