Most Popular Baby Names

For the first time since 1960, “Michael” is NOT the most popular baby boy name. The new reigning champ of baby names for little boys is Noah. The rest of the Top 10 is… Liam, […]


Most Unusual Baby Names

The weirdest baby names in the last 15 years, according to, was just released. And there are a few VERY weird ones. Here’s the list and what Steve and Monika think about it…


Premiere Of Regency Enterprises' "In Time" - Arrivals

Attractive & Unattractive Names

So every year studies are done on what the most attractive and unattractive things are. Well, there’s been a study done on the most attractive and unattractive names. You know you’re out of luck if […]


Real Names of Country Stars

Do you know what Tim McGraw’s real name is?  Neither did we and there are others that we didn’t know either.  Check it out. 



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