HUGE Asteroid Passes By Earth This Weekend

If you have a telescope and are near New Zealand this weekend, you might be able to witness a recently-discovered, large asteroid. NASA is reporting 20214 RC (R-C) will pass by earth about 25, 000 […]


Curiosity Rover Spots “Thigh Bone” on Mars

Earlier this month, a picture of what some are calling a “fossilized thigh bone” was captured by the rover Curiosity on Mars. NASA neither confirmed or denied if it was, in fact, a thigh bone […]


(Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images)

Brad Paisley Teases New Song From Nasa Launch Pad [Video]

Singer Brad Paisley stood on Launch Pad 39B at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida August 16th, Paisley used his social media account to leak his new song, “American Flag on the Moon.”


New Planet Dubbed ‘Mega Earth’

NASA’s Kepler telescope discovered a surprise planet which they officially named Kepler-10C, but due to it’s size gave it the nick name Mega Earth. NASA determined Kepler-10C was formed 11 billion years ago and it […]


The Rings of the Panet Saturn

NASA Discovers (A lot) More Planets

NASA’s Kepler space telescope recently discovered there are more planets orbiting distant stars than we originally thought. 715 additional planets have been discovered among 305 planetary systems. They’re all not too big, not too small […]


photo courtesy of NASA

Life on Mars?

NASA’s Curiosity rover spotted what some believe to be an iguana on the sufrace of Mars, but others are skeptical and say it’s most likely a rock. Although there’s no concrete proof it’s a life […]


NASA's Curiosity Rover Images Of Mars

UFOs On Mars [Photo]

NASA’s Curiosity rover started sending back images when it touched down on Mars. Some of the images started to spark rumors that they were UFOs on the planet and perhaps there were signs of other […]



New Planet with Life?

A new planet has been found that has a temperature of 72 degrees and is similar to planet Earth. 


The Satellite Hit What?

NASA has a satellite that is coming back to Earth, but there is a chance it won’t hit in the ocean. 


Tracks on the Moon

NASA has released pictures of the moon that shows the tracks left by the astronauts on the Apollo missions. 




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