An undated file photograph of a Great Wh

Great White Crosses The Atlantic Ocean

A great white shark that was tagged with a GPS-tracking device in Jacksonville a year ago was tracked the whole time and the mileage logged amazed the biologists studying her. “Lydia” is a 14 feet […]


An octopus named Paul swims through his

Octopus Gives Photographers a Good Scare

Warren Murray and David Malvestuto were diving off the coast of Point Lobos in Carmel when they had a surprise encounter with an octopus. The two men were swimming 80 feet below the ocean’s surface […]


Photo Courtesy of Getty Images

Creepy Sounds From the Deep

We all hear sounds in our everyday life, but we don’t get to hear the sounds that are being produced below the surface of the ocean.  We know that animals communicate through sound, but there […]


The Satellite Hit What?

NASA has a satellite that is coming back to Earth, but there is a chance it won’t hit in the ocean. 



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