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Pets Are Good For Your Health!

We all know how just having a dog or cat around can make you feel better! But, did you know that a pet can even ease pain? Dogs and cats help you exercise more and […]


Pets vs. Children

Pope Francis advised people to not substitute pets for children because the result will be bitterness and loneliness. Steve Austin said he’d normally agree if it weren’t for a recent incident with his dog, Zeus. […]


Cat Emergency At Battersea As Fewer Prospective Owners Come Forward

Listen Up Cat Lovers

Those cute and cuddly kittens and cats Americans have as pets may not be as innocent as they appear. While they may sleep and snuggle while they’re inside, studies show they are up to much […]


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Soldier’s Best Friend Excited for Homecoming

A United States Airman returned home after being gone for almost 2 years and as you can imagine, his dog Odie was REALLY surprised and excited to see him after all that time!!! Watch Odie […]


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Carrie Underwood’s Dogs Ace And Penny Join Twitter

Carrie Underwood is a newcomer to twitter and so are her 2 small dogs, Ace and Penny. Barbara Ann brings you the details about Carrie’s babies new social media account.



Dining With Dogs In Florida

Okay, I am new to Florida so call me crazy about how surprised I am at how dog friendly the Tampa Bay area is! I have never seen anything like it.  In one month, I have seen advertisements […]


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Cat Box Virus

Take a listen to Steve tell you about a virus you could get from cat poop.  


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Top Names For Kittens

Take a listen to Steve tell you what the top names for kittens are.  


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Puppy Teaches Puppy How To Go Down The Stairs [Cute Video]

This video has to be by far one of the most heart warming videos out there. Have you ever seen your dog or cat teach another animal a task? In this video, a 6 month […]



Cockatoo Parrot Argues With Owner [Video]

Parents you’re probably already used to arguing with your kids and telling them you’ve had enough! But, what would it be like if you had the argument with a parrot and they actually talked back?! […]




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