Happiest and Unhappiest Cities in America

The University of British Columbia and Harvard conducted a study to find the happiest and unhappiest cities in America, and the southern region of the country came out on top. Florida cities aren’t represented on […]


Hunter Hayes

Hunter Hayes Will Perform 10 Concerts In 24 Hours For Guinness Record

Barbara Ann gives the details about Hunter Hayes bid to break a “Guinness Book of World Records” record for the most concerts played in multiple cities in a 24-hour period. Want to attend these concerts? BA’s got the scoop on that too.


twinkie burger

Twinkies Are Back….And With A New Use

Twinkie lovers in Philadelphia are in for a special treat. Local restaurant PYT is offering a new dish called the “Deep-Fried Twinkie Burger” which is exactly what it sounds like. Two deep-fried Twinkies serve as […]


(Photo by David Becker/Getty Images)

Kenny Chesney Defends His Fans After Riley Cooper’s Racial Slur

Kenny Chesney hopes the world doesn’t judge his fans or his music by by the N-word used by the Clearwater raised wide-receiver, Riley Cooper. Read kenny’s statement about what his fans and music really stand for.


taylor swift

Taylor Swift Covers A Pink Song

[photogallerylink id=54693 align=right]Taylor Swift covered a Pink song called, “Who Knew,” watch it here.



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