Moron Moment of the Day: Man Calls 911 to Avoid Ticket

A man in Melbourne, Florida wanted to avoid a speeding ticket…so he called 911. Julius Lupowitz got pulled over for speeding, but didn’t want the ticket, so he called 911 to report a fake murder. […]


Moron Moment of the Day: Man Uses Belly Fat to Conceal Drugs

A Deltona, Florida man was stopped by the police for not wearing his seat belt, but the officers discovered much more after they pulled him over. The police noticed 450-pound Christopher Mitchell was acting a […]


Moron Moment of the Day: Man Shoots at Moon

An Arizona man was arrested for shooting his firearm into the air. He says he was shooting at the moon. 39-year-old Cameron Read was outside when his girlfriend said she heard shots from where she […]


Moron Moment: Man Calls 911 Because Wife Throws Out His Beer

A West Palm Beach man wasn’t happy when his wife threw away his beer so he took matters into his own hands. Carlos Bueno Mir decided to call 911 to report his wife’s brew disposal, […]


Moron Moment of the Day: Woman Calls 911 Over Wrong Order

A North Carolina woman ordered a Flatizza at her local Subway, but when she got her order, it wasn’t made how she liked it. The Flatizza had marinara sauce and she didn’t like that type […]



Man Claims to be Zodiac Killer’s Son

There have been many people who claim to be a relative of some sort to the infamous Zodiac Killer of the late 1960’s. But a Louisiana man’s claims seem to have the authorities taking him […]


Moron Moment: Man Calls 911 Then Does Drug Deal

When a Cleveland man called 911 to report he felt he was in danger, the authorities were concerned for his safety. Alejandro Melendez said he saw two men with guns watching him. When asked his […]


Chicago police block a street during a s

Bank Robber’s Epic Fail

Robert Williams tried to rob a bank in Maryland, but things went terribly wrong for him after he got the money. Williams is being called the world’s “clumsiest bank robber,” and with good reason. After […]


(Photo by Ian Waldie/Getty Images)

Florida Text And Drive Ban Going Into Effect Tuesday Oct.1 2013

In an effort to get the word out, Florida’s Texting and Driving Ban goes into effect tomorrow, Oct. 1st. Here are the details…First time offenders will get a $30 Dollar fine and heave to pay […]


Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Moron Moment: Guy Attacks Cop Car

Take a listen to our moron moment of the week that involves a man who attacked a police car.  




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