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Moron Moment: Ducking Work

Our moron moment this week involves a Lee County Sheriff’s Deputy getting in to trouble for doing something he shouldn’t have done instead of work.  


Photo credit RODRIGO ARANGUA/AFP/GettyImages

Felon vs. Alligator

Take a listen to our moron moment this week involving a felon coming in contact with an alligator.



If You Can’t Beat It, Ram It

You have to check out this video of a Brazilian police ramming a airplane to stop some smugglers. 



Moron Moment of the Week

Check out this woman who tried to run over two police officers in St. Pete.  


Mexican tattoo artist and trained lawyer

Woman Claiming to be Vampire Attacks Homeless Man at Hooters

Close to midnight a hungry Vampire takes a bite out of a sleeping homeless man outside a vacant Hooters. This may sound like a scene straight out of a Halloween horror movie but, it’s really […]


Zits and Big Mac’s Don’t Go Together

A man in Cape Coral thought it would be funny to pop his zits in front of patrons at McDonald’s, but police didn’t think it was funny. 


Dougherty Gang Caught

The two brothers and sister that were on the run after robbing a bank in Georgia and shooting at an officer in Pasco County have been caught in Colorado. 


Colt Ford To Host A Benefit Concert

Colt Ford who is going to be at Joyland tomorrow night has announced that he is going to raise money for some police officers who were shot in the small town of Athens, Georgia.


How Do Yall Feel About Kyle Busch's Lead Foot?

Its no secret that Kyle Busch likes going fast, on the track, and now on the streets!  Earlier this week he was cited doing 128 in a 45 mph zone by an Iredell county sheriff. […]


Kid Get Pepper Sprayed

A kid threatened his teachers and got pepper sprayed because of it. 





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