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SeaWorld Responds to Criticism & Artist Cancellations with Newspaper Ads

Many of the criticisms against the park and its treatment of animals stem from the recently released documentary Blackfish. The film follows the life in captivity of an orca (a.k.a. ‘killer whale’) named Tilikum that attacked and killed his trainer (Dawn Brancheau) and two others in three separate instances.


Steve Earle

Steve Earle Doesn’t Like Walmart

Steve Earle posts a new video that showcases a new anti-Walmart song and lends support to a Walmart protest event in L.A. this weekend.


Video: Anderson Cooper Attacked In Egypt

Egypt is a mess right now … it’s a 24/7 riot and they don’t even know who they should be fighting and who they shouldn’t.  Anderson Cooper from CNN was over there trying to report […]



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