Rare Yellow Lobster Found at Publix

A Florida Publix seafood department hosted an extremely rare crustacian and they weren’t even aware of it. Marybeth Jeitner spotted the yellow lobster in a tank at the grocery store, and instantly wanted to save […]


Moron Moment of the Day: Woman Steals Lobsters for WHAT?!

A Deland, Florida woman was arrested earlier this week after stuffing seven frozen lobster tails down her pants in a local Publix. Nichole Ann Reed walked around with the lobsters in her pants before leaving […]


Jameis Winston Arrested for Theft

Florida State University star quarterback Jameis Winston was arrested Tuesday night after shoplifting at a local grocery store. Winston walked out of a Publix in Tallahassee with crab legs and crawfish without paying. When the […]


The Sara Lee "golden creme cakes" ruined my Friday.  (Photo: Geno Knight/CBS Radio)

Twinkies Being Rationed Around Tampa Bay

I thought only Apple was smart enough to employ this shortage of supply tactic. Remember the furor when new iPhones were released. Remember the riots in the 80s with Cabbage Patch Kids and Tickle Me […]


Publix To Change Coupon Policy

Heads up, extreme couponers! Starting May 23rd, Publix will change the way you use coupons at checkout time.


Man Tries To Steal From Publix

Today we had a story about a man that decided to try and steal from publix. Take a listen to what he did and what he tried to steal.



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