Spanish Crisis Closes The Door Industry

Boy Suspended for Kissing Girl’s Hand

6-year old Hunter Yelton kissed a girl’s hand during their reading group and his school suspended him for it. And now the school is accusing him of sexual harassment for the hand-kissing incident. Yelton had […]


(Courtesy of Vincent Funeral Home

1st Grade Teacher is a Secret Millionaire

After Kathleen Magowan passed away and left significant amount of money to schools, churches and charities it was discovered she was a multi-millionaire…and nobody knew it when she was alive. Magowan and her twin brother […]


Photo credit PIERRE ANDRIEU/AFP/GettyImages

Bad Class Photo

A class picture was taken of a Toronto second-grade class and has sparked some outrage at the photo. Take a look a why the picture has caused outrage here. Take a listen to Steve talk […]


Jewel Samad/AFP

Super Drunk Principal Slips the Cuffs

Watch a video of a super drunk Elementary School Principal slipping out of the cuffs.


Anti Spud Movement

The potato may make a disappearance in school because schools are trying to be healthier. 


Surprise Soldier Homecoming

A soldier surprised his son at his school and the whole thing got caught on video. 



Prank Call “Unruly Music”

Today we made a prank call to a mom saying that her daughter was, well you gotta hear it, pretty funny!


1915 Teacher Rules

Steve found rules about what teachers in 1915 could and could not do. 


Ronnie Dunn, Country Music's Most Established Freshman

Now that the well established duo of [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Brooks & Dunn[/lastfm] has separated, [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Ronnie Dunn[/lastfm] is now a solo artist and well, a new kid on the country music block, a freshman if you […]


2 Gators Arrested and Suspended

2 members of the Gators basketball team got arrested and then suspended by the school. 




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