Shinin on Me

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Little Big Town’s Karen Fairchild Wine In Hand

Jerrod Niemann says the spirit of his new song, “Shinin’ on Me,”  is one that’s true for any season. And Little Big Town‘s Karen Fairchild couldn’t agree more, she recently told PEOPLE Country that her “go-to tune for a lazy Sunday” is Jerrod’s […]


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Jerrod Niemann Going Up

Jerrod Niemann is climbing the country charts with his hit single, “Shinin’ on Me” — a song that Jerrod tells Sony Music is all about lifting your spirits or just encouraging us all to take a […]


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Jerrod Niemann Stop And Smell The Roses

I told you about Jerrod Niemann and what a great, talented, fun guy he is.  But what I may have neglected to tell you is that he knows that he’s in the here and now. […]


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Jerrod Niemann Is Shinin on Me

So how long does it take for a song to make it or break it?  Lets ask Jerrod Niemann, he’s “Shinin’ on Me.” Shinin is a song that was written just as his Judge Jerrod & The […]



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