Florida Python Reason for Missing Cats

After a bunch of neighborhood cats were missing, police in Port St. Lucie suspected it was the work of a Burmese Python they discovered nearby. Authorities captured a 12-foot, 120-pound Burmese Python found with a […]


Ethan Miller, Getty Images

Thompson Square’s Kiefer Thompson Death Threat From Snake Photo

Kiefer Thompson from the group Thompson Square has come under fire for posting a picture on his Instagram account of a dead snake in one hand and a gun in another. Kiefer says he had […]


Photo credit ROBERT SULLIVAN/AFP/Getty Images

Giant Python Captured in Florida

A record breaking snake was captured in Miami-Dade County. Click here to see pictures of the beast here.  


Zoo Loses Cobra

The Bronx Zoo has misplaced a Egyptian cobra and it could be wandering around the Bronx, New York area. 


Fluffy Is Dead

Fluffy is a cute name, but you wouldn’t think it would be for a python. 



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